Elena Tsouma

MA Arts in Ballet, ARAD, AIDTA, Tdip, RAD PTS

Like many children, Elena started ballet classes very young. She was barely four years old. As the years went by, having made her career choice, she worked through the ballet grades and also studied music. She obtained the Higher Musical Theory Certificate in Harmony in 1995 and in Counterpoint in 2003. She considers an in-depth knowledge of music a vital element in her work. Understanding music and its effects helps her not only to produce innovative choreographies but impart her knowledge and appreciation to her students. Acquiring the Advanced Grade in Ballet was hard work and it is only her perseverance that pulled her through. She went on to take her first diploma at the Royal Academy of Dance in London where she became an Associate member (ARAD) in 1997. The same year she obtained her Registered Teacher Status (RTS) and her Teaching Diploma (T.Dip).

From 2001-2003 she attended Surrey University in Roehampton where she was the first Greek student to graduate with a Masters degree in Arts in Ballet. While in England she taught preschool and graded children at the RAD and advanced undergraduate students at Surrey University as a locum teacher. She has a good grounding on the theoretical aspects of the Psychology of Stage Performance, has choreographed dance shows and theatrical plays in Greece and danced in her own choreographies at the RAD and at Surrey University . She is a member of the International Dance Teachers Association and a member of Royal Academy of Dance. Since 2007, she has been working as a Practical Teaching Supervisor for RAD which entails overseeing the practical element of teaching of RAD students based in Greece. She has been an official guest of the Benois de la Dance Prise hosted at the Bolshoi theatre in Russia and Dance-Art-Greece as a ballet teacher, repertory and choreographer.

She realised one of her biggest dreams in 2008 when she founded the Masters School of Dance which became a member and exam-ination centre for the Royal Academy of Dance and the International Dance Teachers Association. The school is also a member of UNESCO’s International Council of Dance (C.I.D.). Elena is the Principal and Artistic Director at the Masters School of Dance where she heads a team of teachers and staff.

Galene Anastasiadou

Galene has been a teacher at our school since 2008 and, as many young people, she is multi-talented.  She has a computing qualification in Support Systems and Applications for Networks,is a graduate of Dance Club International with a Hip-Hop Teaching Certificate and trained in Latin-European dances.  She has an impressive record of achievement.  She is the Greek champion both in Hip-Hop and Ballroom dance and a medallist dancing with the Hip-Hop group V-vibes for five consecutive years. She was the gold and silver medallist in 2009 and 2010 respectively at the Pan-Hellenic competition of Bounce.  She came second at the Hip-Hop International, Greece, in 2012 and has achieved, overall, eight gold and a silver medal in Hip-Hop for adults and four gold, six silver and six bronze medals in various Latin and Ballroom dance competitions.

She has attended dance seminars run by well-known dancers and choreographers such as Nick Bass, Marty Kudelka, Misha Gabriel, Eddie Morales, Paris Goabel, and David Moore who, in turn, have worked with famous artists such as Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Prince, Kylie Minogue, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Pink, Whitney Houston και Michael Jackson.  She has taken part in the PJD American Camp and the Summer Drop Camp where she worked with internationally known professionals.

She takes an active part in the school’s performances and competitions and is an energetic and dynamic teacher who infuses her students with vitality.

Stavroula Kapidou

Stavroula Kapidou was born 1992 in Thessaloniki and studied dance, first at the Chorotechni School of Dance and continuing at the Higher Professional Dance School of the Music and Dance Center of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

She is a teacher of classical and modern dance, a teacher of flexibility and empowerment and also a teacher of aerial acrobatic dance (Aerial Flow Technique Certification by ANAHATA YOGA STUDIO).

She is an active member of the dance groups “Northern Dancers,” Svemma “and “B+6”. From 2009 to 2019 Stavroula has attended many specialized seminars (classical ballet with floor exercises, contact improvisation of contacts, body mimicy, contemporary modern dance, character dance, musicals, modern jazz, First Aid, etc.).