Tuition fees

  • Fees are paid yearly, every three months or every month. Whichever the choice of payment, all fees are deposited within the first 10 days. In case of discontinuation, please inform the Secretariat immediately to avoid further charges.

  • Payments can be made by credit card (Chip & Pin) or by cash.

  • Our classes programme is determined yearly by the Principal and follows the national schools’ timetable and holiday periods

Conduct of classes

  • To ensure they have chosen the appropriate class potential students can attend a trial class a lesson of their choice.

  • The staff will inform you about the required class wear. Generally, students are required to wear the appropriate attire and ensure their shoes are clean before entering the classroom. Ballet students are required to have their hair into a ponytail gathered at the nape of their neck and wear the chosen colour leotard for their class, ballet tights or short socks. Leg warmers and tops are optional.

  • Students are required to arrive at the school 10 minutes prior to the commencement of the class so there is enough time to change and get ready.

  • No visitors/spectators are allowed during classes but are welcome to attend the Open Classes. Open Classes are available twice yearly in December and June. If there is a school performance, Open Classes take place only in December.

  • There are school performances every two years which take place in a theatre in Thessaloniki. The participants are responsible for the cost of the costumes and the tickets. Participation is optional.

  • If it is suggested that students take part in more than one of the choreographies, then it is the student’s choice to appear in all or one of the dances as every single appearance may require a different costume.

  • All visitors and students are asked to upkeep the cleanliness of the classrooms and the school area.

  • The management takes no responsibility for the loss of valuables. Please ensure nothing of value is left in the changing rooms and common spaces.