Baby Class (18 months – 2 ½ year old parental presence)

Carefully constructed class to train very young students the basic principals of dance based on creative dance and classical ballet but, mostly to have fun! Working in a positive enviroment along with other students of similar age and the safety of parental presence, our youngest students get inspired by the music to dance. The use of props like, tedy bears, ribbons, musical instruments, shapes and many more, help the students of this very sensitive age to use their imagination, express themselves, create their own movents and most importantly enjoy their dance. This class builds a solid base for the future and is suggested if you want to share an activity with your child.

Classical Ballet ( ages 3 – adults) & Examination classes

The teaching is based on the best elements of the methods used by the Royal Academy of Dance in London, the Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg and the International Dance Teahcers Assocciation. The ballet syllabus is tailored to the needs of each class and aims to strengthen muscles, increase stamina, teaches how to interpret music and gain expression in movement. Students can take part in examinations at children and professional levels organised by the Royal Academy of Dance and IDTA. They receive internationally recognised certificates, analytical marking and credits for their work. Students can also prepare for dance exams of the National School of Greece organised by the Ministry of Culture. Classical ballet is the base for all dance styles; the experience and training of ballet is unique and it is recommended for all those who wish to learn how to dance.

Pointe Class (11+ years)

Pointe Class is entirely on point shoes. It is offered seperately from regular ballet classes. Several techniques and strengthening exercises are used to enrich the student’s technical and artistic skills along with safe dance practise. As a result, students gain more strength, stamina, grace and confidence to execute steps and to perform on point. This class is beneficial for students already working on point and for students who are ready to go on point.

Theatre Dance – Theatre Jazz (4 years old to adults) & Examination Classes

Jazz dance was developed in America during 1900s and within a year became a theatrical dance requiring adept dancers. This is a ‘jazzy’ class, the music has strong vibes and the movements taught require a lot of energy as, at times, they defy gravity. The techniques used are based on the New York and London styles with emphasis on musicals. Through the lesson, students improve their posture and acquire strength and flexibility. They can take exams and attain certificates and recognition from the IDTA and receive credits for their work. This class is a choice if you prefer modern dance styles, musicals, or if you want to incorporate it as additional work to classical ballet.

Hip-Hop (7 year old to adults) Competitive Team Classes and Exams Classes

Hip-Hop refers to street dance performed to hip-hop music, it was influenced by a style of jazz dance called ‘jazz-funk’ and it includes a wide range of styles called breaking, locking, and popping. This is a vigorous, demanding class requiring constant movement. Students work on the different styles of hip-hop and can take part in competitions and examinations run by IDTA. They also receive credits for their work. This class is a must if you enjoy dynamic movements and like to built up strength and stamina.

Contemporary Dance (11+ years)

A popular class, contemporary dance is based on ballet, Jazz and Modern. The teaching focuses on strengthening and controlling the legs, in holding and releasing of the body while in a standing, seating or lying down position. It requires some maturity and it is not suitable for under-11s. It is a dance experience we highly recommend for teenagers and adults.